Removing TimeFerret from the App Store

Our original intention was to have the TimeFerret App remain in the App Store. However, due to the increased cost of maintaining it in the face of iOS updates and global updates such as GDPR, we have decided to remove it from the App Store. Thank you for your support.

Sridhar Venkatakrishnan, May 20th 2018

Stopping Development of TimeFerret

This is a difficult post to write. My co-founder Subhashini and I have decided to stop development on the TimeFerret iOS App. Going forward, we will publish an update which removes the TimeFerret Keyboard. The ability to create and respond to meeting polls will be available till April 30 2018. After that the TimeFerret iOS App minus the keyboard will remain in the App Store. We’ve come to this decision as we’ve come to the end of our runway. We never raised funding for TimeFerret, and instead used revenue from consulting to fund development. However, we’ve reached a point where this is becoming stressful to do. For personal reasons, we’ve decided that it is time to stop development. Subhashini will continue to maintain TimeFerret and work in new areas in the world of scheduling. I will be leaving to start a new job. For all of you that found TimeFerret useful, thank you for trying our product. We apologize for not being able to continue development and make it as wonderful as it was in our minds.

Sridhar Venkatakrishnan, March 25th 2018